Bob Sullivan

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"Bob Sullivan was fantastic to work with at UNFI. Likable, honest and highly motivated. His attention to detail, knowledge and experience cannot be overestimated. I fully recommend Bob without hesitation for any project."

Robert Mattson (Jan 15 2016)

UNIX Applications Administrator, U.N.F.I.

"Bob was a tremendous resource during his time at UNFI. We worked closely - my teams were responsible for providing the infrastructure for his Supply Chain group - and I was very impressed with Bob's attention to detail and his ability to manage complex projects and environments. He can work in a fast paced environment and would be an asset to any company." 

Michael Smith (Oct 2 2013) 
Director of Infrastructure Solutions, U.N.F.I.

"While working with Bob over the past 2 years, I learned just how gifted he is as an IT Manager. Bob's ability to execute at the highest levels with enthusiasm and commitment to success made him a true pillar in the deployment and integration of a highly complex supply chain software implementation for U.N.F.I. He is creative, technically proficient, understands the business and is a total team player. Bob is always encouraging and positive and his calming personality makes his team and peers completely comfortable no matter how stressful the work is. There are select people in an organization who you can trust to carry the full responsibility of planning, managing and executing large scale projects involving multiple teams, and Bob is one of those individuals. I would welcome the chance to work with Bob again and I am confident that he will be a great asset for any organization."

Brian Howell (Oct 1 2013)
National Director, Client Services & Site Support, U.N.F.I.

"While at Pequot Healthcare, Bob's performance was exemplary. Bob is a conscientious, highly-skilled technical analyst. He is detail oriented and has a firm grasp of how to solve technical issues. Bob has a great ability to communicate at all levels in a way that can be understood by technical and non-technical personnel alike. I would recommend Bob for any technical/managerial position."
Mike Cassell (Jul 20 2013) 
Senior Healthcare Systems Analyst, Pequot HealthCare

"The MIS systems at PRxN were very complex and were required to operate a Pharmacy, TPA and PBM, further complicated by the need to be part of the greater systems of the Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation. Bob worked well with his team and the other divisions of PRxN as was well respected by management and his peers."

William Millar, II (Jun 20, 2013) 
Founder, Pequot HealthCare (PRxN)

"Robert was a great colleague to work with. He was thorough and passionate about his work. I always found him as helpful and a great asset as a systems analyst in our company. I would recommend him I'd be pleased to work with him again in the future."

David LoPresti (May 29 2013)
Report Technician, Pequot HealthCare

"I had a great working relationship with Robert. He was very thorough with all his projects. He made it with ease to do client implementation as he could articulate to the team members the plan building components needed for new and existing accounts."

Dawn Coley (May 22 2013) 
Native American Benefits Consultant, Pequot HealthCare

"I had the opportunity working with Robert at Pequot Health Care. My company was a TPA vendor supporting the Pequots. Robert participated on one of my project teams. He is a stellar performer and terrific team member. He delivers quality on time exceeding expectations. I would highly recommend Robert."

Patrick W. Boland, MBA, PMP (May 22 2013) 
consultant to Pequot HealthCare