Bob Sullivan

information is a product not a possession 

Because of Non-Disclosure Agreements, I am not able to tout all of the benefits my employers have realized from my efforts.

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At UNFI, we successfully implemented more SCOPE modules than any other client of Manhattan Associates that I am aware of. During my tenure, we implemented LM 2008 for 13 warehouses, WM 2009 and SCI 2010 for 3 warehouses, DOM 2009 for 1 warehouse and then DOM 2012 for 5 warehouses, IO 2012 for 5 warehouses. We also completed substantial work towards IR 2012 for 5 warehouses and TLM 2009 for 1 warehouse. I was responsible for a marked increase in cooperation among application administrators and other I.T. teams at UNFI including business analysts, quality assurance, DBAs and Unix admins.
My efforts as part of the small I.T. team at Pequot HealthCare (PHC) switching provider networks in less than 3 months time saved PHC $17 million over the next 3 years. We also implemented a new pharmacy system including POS in record time. Though dwarfed in size and recognition by Foxwoods casino, PHC was continually and consistently a profitable entity for the Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation. I accomplished much there with Barry Levine, Joe Lidestri and Mike Cassell. CIO Rick Garvin counted us as part of Mashantucket Information Systems (MIS) and we worked frequently and effectively with the 100+ I.T. team at Foxwoods.
In 1999, I implemented a licensing system for the Rhode Island Department of Health under the guidance of Nikki Samaras Deary and with the capable assistance of Elizabeth O'Connor. License 2000 (now MyLicense) replaced a myriad of stand-alone systems across 2 divisions. My earlier work creating licensing and complaint systems for the Board of Medical Licensure & Discipline showed the Department what could be done with more advanced systems. The presence of Y2K money and lack of programming staff drove us towards MyLicense, which thousands of R.I. health professionals have used to renew their licenses online for more than a decade.