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I'd much rather drive than fly.

extreme and interesting points in North America

farthest north: Newcastle side of Miramichi, New Brunswick 
farthest east: Sydney, Nova Scotia 
farthest west: beach at La Jolla, California 
farthest south: Ocho Rios, Jamaica 
highest elevation: 6,023' summit of Mount Coolidge, South Dakota 
biggest sculpture: Crazy Horse Memorial, South Dakota
highest climb: 825' summit of Stone Mountain, Georgia (I climbed up and down twice the same day)
highest up in a building: 1,465' in Skypod of CN Tower, Toronto, Ontario 
highest lookup: 1,267' from base to top of Devil's Tower National Monument, Wyoming 
best stadium (and first runner-up oldest stadium): Fenway Park, Boston, Massachusetts
 best drive (and first runner-up for farthest north): Cabot Trail, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia 
first runner-up for best drive: Blue Ridge Parkway, Virginia & North Carolina 
farthest north and farthest east in USA: Houlton, Maine 
first runner-up farthest north in USA: Rouses Point, New York 
farthest north in western USA: Minneapolis, Minnesota 
farthest out (and first runner up farthest west): Rachel, Nevada (near Area 51) 
first runner up farthest out: Badlands, South Dakota at sunset 
first runner up highest elevation: 4,867' summit of Whiteface Mountain, New York 
runner up highest up in a building: 790' in John Hancock Tower, Boston, Massachusetts 
first runner-up biggest sculpture: Stone Mountain, Georgia 
second runner-up biggest sculpture: Mount Rushmore, South Dakota 
longest one-way drive: Warwick, Rhode Island to Austin, Texas (3 and a half days)
first runner-up longest one-way drive: Providence, Rhode Island to New Orleans, Louisiana 
longest round-trip drive: Warwick, Rhode Island to Raleigh, North Carolina to St. Petersburg, Florida 
longest vacation drive: Providence, Rhode Island to New Brunswick, PEI and Nova Scotia 
first runner-up longest vacation drive: Bloomington, Minnesota to Rapid City, South Dakota and beyond 
second runner-up longest vacation drive: Warwick, Rhode Island to Toronto, Ontario and beyond 
third runner-up longest vacation drive: Providence, Rhode Island to Lake Placid, New York and Quebec  
fourth runner-up longest vacation drive: Providence, Rhode Island to Lake Placid, New York and Ontario 
best beach: St. Petersburg, Florida 
runner-up best beach: Daytona Beach, Florida 
biggest mall: Mall of America, Bloomington, Minnesota 

Rome (in under 7 days)

Arch of Constantine 

Arch of Septimius Severus 

Arch of Titus (at the Roman Forum)

Archbasilica of St. John Lateran

Aurelian Walls

Basilica Argentaria 
Basilica of Maxentius (and Constantine) 

Basilica of St. Bartholomew on the Island 

Basilica Ulpia 

Baths of Caracalla 

Capitoline Wolf (Romulus and Remus) 

Castel Sant'Angelo (Mausoleum of Hadrian) 

Circus Maximus 


Column of Antoninus Pius 

Column of Marcus Aurelius 

Column of Phocas

Forum of Augustus 

Forum of Caesar 

Forum of Nerva 

Forum Romanum 

Gardens of Vatican City 

House of the Vestal Virgins 

Lacus Curtius

Ludus Magnus 

Milliarium Aureum


Piazza Colonna 

Piazza Navona 

Piazza Venezia 

Plutei of Trajan

Pons Fabricius 

Ponte Sant'Angelo

Roman Forum 

Servian Walls 

Sistine Chapel 

Spanish Steps 

St. Peter's Basilica 

Tarpeian Rock 

Temple of Antoninus and Faustina 

Temple of Castor and Pollux 

Temple of Hercules Victor 

Temple of Julius Caesar 

Temple of Portunus 

Temple of (Divus) Romulus 

Temple of Saturn 

Temple of Venus and Roma  

Temples of Venus Genetrix 

Temple of Vespasian and Titus 

Temple of Vesta 

Trajan's Column 

Trajan's Forum  

Trajan's Market 

Trevi Fountain 

Umbilicus urbis Romae

Vatican Museum 

Via Sacra