Bob Sullivan

information is a product not a possession 

thorough I.T. professional 
with broad-based experience 
25+ years of UNIX and SQL 
Microsoft Windows/DOS too 

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My résumé is here (on but I maintain a full curriculum vitae on my LinkedIn

Highlights are being inducted into Upsilon Pi Epsilon, the international honor society for the computing and information disciplines, and being published with the late Stanley Aronson, M.D. in "Medicine and Health/Rhode Island" (now the Rhode Island Medical Journal).

My journeys have taken me to not through

  • 34 fine American states 
  • 5 nice Canadian provinces 
  • 1 bellissimo Roma 

My last new province was P.E.I. in 2000 thanks to the Confederation Bridge and my last new state was Missouri in 2016 and I visited Rome in 2007. 
In my view, you have not been to a place if you never left their airport or ventured more than a couple of miles off their interstate. 

I have been to not through each of the 39 cities and towns of Rhode Island where I live with my wife Melissa and our daughter Isla, the loves of my life.